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Unique way of work

On 15.000 m² high-tech greenhouse surface SonGrow can cultivate all kinds of plants.

Floating Plants

Floating plants are beautiful plants to be used in a pond, a table pond on your terrace or just as a piece of decoration in your living room.

Pond plants

In the period from march untill june we offer pond plants.

Terra cotta pots: Real mini-plants!

Cute little plants, well rooted and ready to use!

Moss: How life starts in every aquarium!

A perfect changeover from water to land, but also under water you can create a wonderful variation of structures and colors. The way moss grows is phenomenal time after time!
Whether you use it on wood or stone or that you just let it flow in the water.
Moss is astonishing. Try them all!

What are bulbs?

Aponogeton and crinum - The finishing touch for every aquarium.
These plants are crucial elements in an aquarium with cichlids or in an African lake.

Specialties for decorating your aquarium

Our specialties could be seen as:  two in one! Plants, located and most of the time rooted on a piece of wood or stone.
Designed especially for you!


Our mixes

Mother plants

Mother plants, our sweet pampered babies, which have been coddled for more than 8 months!

Extremely beautiful Jumbo-pots!

If you really want to show of with a very beautiful, powerful and colorful eye catcher or if you want to create a massive jungle for fish to hide in.