Combine Epaqmat and Growcap

Songrow designed en produces the Epaqmat!

The Epaqmat is a great green carpet of hunderets of plants, that doesnt only looks amazing, but also works as a large filter for your aquarium.

Often people ask us, how they have to take care of this Epaqmat. Because they want to keep it as nice as it looked in the shop.

Very simple:

  • Offer lots of light! So suggest the right light-technic to the customer.
  • CO2 is loved by lots of plants! Advise it especially with Hemianthus callitrichoides (E133) and Micranthemum Monte Carlo (E319). This poster of the Epaqmat next to your CO2 equipment will help!
  • All the plants on the Epaqmat need nutrition! The capsules of Growcap with nutrition and bacteria offer all that the Epaqmat needs to stay beautiful! 

Offer Growcap to your customers and read here all about how Growcap works!

In the Netherlands alot of large shops sell Growcap! Take a look at the long list of shops.

If you try Growcap in March/April we will give you a display with folders for free!

Growcap and Epaqmat: Talk about it!

GrowCap 10-100 liter     Growcap     GC101de

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GrowCap 10-100 liter     Growcap     GC101fr

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GrowCap 10-100 liter     Growcap     GC101nl

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