We are a well organized company and we all enjoy working here. 
In other words: Our company is promptly organised, but there is enough space for all employees to develop. For all different actions there are specific instructions, which we keep up to date. That brings clarity! Read more about our "Procdures and registration systems".

Everybody knows how it has to be done and all employees work in the same way.
Building a team also implicates that you should talk to each other. You have to communicate with your colleges about if you are “on schedule” or not. If not, you must ask for help! So helping each other and reporting thoroughly is very important. In that way you can give good feedback towards your suppliers and your customers! Read moe about the "Information for the customer".

However, a good technology is not enough.
We don’t work one by one, but in a team. During the week there are about 25 employees taking care of your order and making it ready for dispatch. Every Saturday 70 employees cultivate new plants for you! If you work with 70 people, teamwork is very important. For this propose SonGrow developed a coaching system.  Our employees can develop there skills and become real experts on their field. 

Working together, amplifying one another and helping each other!
In 2015 SonGrow received a great honour for its work in de social sector.  SonGrow was announced the most social employer in the horticultural sector in the Netherlands.

Working together means having a party together.
Of course we have a party every now and then. You can read about it under "Partytime".

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