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The GREEN CARPET in different sizes!

The Epaqmat XXL, the meadow for your aquarium is a great product, but a bit too large for some aquariums.

Growcap - The simple way to maintain you aquarium!

Algae-problem? Plants don't grow? Something wrong with the water?

To prevent your aquarium from any of these problems, you need to establish an ecological balance in your aquarium.

Plant of the month

Every month we create a new poster (of the plant of the month) for you.

  • a beautiful plant
  • a nice poster (A4), that you can print out, put your ow...

New: Epaqmat XXL Hemianthuis callitrichoides and plant bags

Epaqmat XXL Hemianthus callitrichoides 

The dream of every aquarist.

You already know the Epaqmat XXL, but now we have a new species in our assortm...