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New: Epaqmat XXL Hemianthuis callitrichoides and plant bags

Epaqmat XXL Hemianthus callitrichoides 

The dream of every aquarist.

You already know the Epaqmat XXL, but now we have a new species in our assortm...

New! 12 Pond plant assortments on a trolley

Please choose one of our standard assortments!

Stonewood - the colorful trend

We now offer beautiful StoneWood.

StoneWood is a decoration element made from ceramics, but it looks like wood. It can be beautifully integrated in an underwater landscape.

Cardboard-glasses from Songrow

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Garten & Zooevent 2017 in Kassel

The Garten & Zooevent 2017 inspired us and our visitors.

Here are the highlights!