Epaqmat – The green carpet


Epaqmat: Countless small plants on a mat
If you set up your aquarium, you create a phantasy of how the result should look like. You make a selection of plants and materials and start on your project. Imagine, how much fun it will be using the Epaqmat? You can create a whole soccer field in an instant! Take a look at this and let your imagination run wild. 


Epaqmat: Play with plants!
There are so many different ways of arranging plants in your aquarium.

If you want to achieve:

  • quick results
  • a complete change of your under- water- scenery

Then you should use Epaqmat! It is clean and ready to use.


Epaqmat is a High-Tech Invention
SonGrow developed a cultivating technology to create this product. Only Songrow can make this: Epaqmat is a unique product! So many plants on such a small space.

Epaqmat is very thin and flexible. That is why you can use it anywhere in your aquarium. Horizontal, vertical, on stone and on wood…. only your imagination is the limit. Video

Imagine cutting the Epaqmat with scissors! Or use suction cups to attach it to your aquarium wall. You could also wrap it around a piece of pipe. Everything is possible using the Epaqmat!

Once you use the Epaqmat in your aquarium, the mat will become invisible. You only see the intense green colour. This makes the Epaqmat a great eye-catcher in your under-water-scenery.

Epaqmat and shrimp
Epaqmat provides a great attraction to shrimp, which can hide in it and enjoy the sun.


This happens, when we present the Epaqmat on an exhibition or when you present the Epaqmat in your shop.


Epaqmat and aquascaping
Epaqmat is the star off the aquatic plants. It is often used by professional Aquascapers in their creations.
We provide the Epaqmat with suction cups and great examples to fire your imagination. Because the Epaqmat is pure fun! For the hobbyist, and especially for the aquaristic expert.

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Microsorum Windelov (crisped leaves)     Epaqmat - Green Wall 16,5 x 13 cm with suction cup     43G

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