SonGrow - Our Story

It al started in 1993, when Bert Hogendoorn first got in touch with climate cells through his former employer Visser-Mechanics. He learned how to cultivate small plants by using this climate cell.  “Creating optimal circumstances for plants, in order to help them grow” became his passion. 

Together with his wife Petra, they bought such a climate cell and started experimenting: which plants would grow well and which clients would be in need of such a climate-cell-service in order to be one step ahead in business competition. 

They perfomed experiments with seeds, scions, cutting flowers, potted plants, vegetables etc. The best suitable plants, however, turned out to be aquatic plants, because of  their need of stability.

Using the climate cell, this stability can be granted. In that period the existing aquatic plant growers started to realize that their hobby had become a business and that modernization and reorganization were needed!

A good moment for Bert and Petra to get in touch with those growers and to present their service and their pretty, uniform plants: reliable, good, healthy and for a fair price…… and everybody had fun! 

Petra and Bert combined work intense singling service and layering vegetables etc. with the also work intense growing of aquatic plants. Nevertheless  they specialized in the slow growing Anubias, Cryptocorynes and Microsorums.  

As time passed by the world changed. Internet became more and more popular and as a result, distances became smaller. Shop owners changed their buying habits. They buy less  at  the general whole sale, but rather choose for buying at the source . Or they do choose for buying at a wholesale but they want nevertheless a kind of relationship with the production company at the source. 

So SonGrow realized that it would be time to participate actively in the way of selling plants in the shop. So the question became:  How can you sell aquatic plants? Would I enjoy selling aquatic plants in a shop myself?

It turned out that often the aquatic plants department appears not to be the prettiest department of the shop. SonGrow wants to change that and developed a genius way to present your plants more attractive!

SonGrows‘ Innovation

  • Epaqso 3.0: A system to present aquatic plants in an appealing way
  • Epaqmat: A carpet of plants, that you can cut with scissors enabling you to use it everywhere in your underwater landscape!
  • Epaqvitro: Special plants and moss, cultivated with the invitro technology
  • Plants on wood: an superior eye-catcher
  • Petfood (Epaqfood): Good and healty!
  • And each year about six new plants!

Take a look at the slide show of our wide assortment!

We invent it! We make it! We sell it! 

Of course, you need a professional team to do this. This may seem like marketing language, but it’s the truth.

With all our facilities, staff, procedures and realationships we work every day to deliver to you QUALITY. That means: the possibility for you to earn money! 

Teamwork only works out, if all participants live up to the same principles. Those principles are strongly related to our identity. This identity can be seen in all that we think and feel. Is that different for every single person? Yes sure, but we found out, that those, who feel home at SonGrow, can identify to the following five basic principles:

 Cultivating fun



Unique way of work

SonGrow in society        


Detailed information about  the principles can be found at ABOUT US. Have fun and feel free to ask us about the principals!



Microsorum Windelov (crisped leaves)     Epaqmat - Green Wall 16,5 x 13 cm with suction cup     43G

  • Epaqmat (Order / 1)

Anubias Wood     Wood S     1537

  • Special (Order / 1)
  • Special (Order / 1)