Growcap - The simple way to maintain you aquarium!

Algae-problem? Plants don't grow? Something wrong with the water?

To prevent your aquarium from any of these problems, you need to establish an ecological balance in your aquarium. 

How do you establish an ecological balance?

In order to establish an ecological balance in your aquarium you will need not only aquatic plants and fish. Essential for a good balance are the bacteria. Bacteria are very small microorganisms, that transform the leavings of the fish into nutrision, that can be absorbed by the plants. That leads to healthy and growing plants. And of course clean water with hardly any algae. 


How do you get the bacteria in your aquarium?

Simply use our new product: The Growcap!

All essential bacteria can be found in the Growcaps. Simply use a bag of Growcaps according to the size of your aquarium and put all Growcaps in the soil or grit. The Growcaps work for about 10 weeks and will release all components over that time. Within 10 weeks the Growcaps will be desolved completly, because they are made of a biodestructible material.

After the 10 weeks you simply put new Growcaps in the soil or grit. 

How do the bacteria work?

It is simply genius!

In the picture above you can see that the bacteria are "sleeping" in the growcap. When the growcap gets in contact with water it will break. The bacteria will be released and will bring the first nutrients to the roots of the plant. The plant roots absorb the nutrients and the plant will grow beautifully. The plant and the bacteria live in what is called symbiosis. A symbiosis is a close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms: Here the plant and the bacteria.

These special bacteria will transform the leavings of the fish into nutrients. This way maintaining your aquarium will be very easy, because the bacteria will eat the dirt and you don't have to clean it. No need to clean the substrate from the leavings of the fish. And there will never be an overdoses of nutrients in the water. 

And there is hardly any algea, because there are no extra nutrients in the water. All nutrients are stored with the bacteria in the substrate, close to the plant roots. Whenever the plant needs nutrients, it can simply reach for it.

The first shops, that are fan of the Growcap!

Growcap and Epaqmat XXL

Tip: Combine our Epaqmat XXL with the Growcap for an optimal growth of the plant carpet!

News from the makers of Growcap

GrowScape nutrient platform, the perfect start for all aquatic plants. Ideal for Aquascapers!

Look at all the possibilites you have with the GrowScape platform. Easy to attach all kinds of (in vitro, tissue culture) plants and mosses with some glue or a string. The platform is filled with Growcap nutrition. The plants will easily root and they have a natural soil to grow on. Cut he platform in pieces and attach them to a piece of rock or wood. Or anywhere you like it in your Aquarium! It becomes flexible when you soak it in water!

In the video the moss, which has been grown on the GrowScape platform (another product from us that makes aquascaping easier), is cut and glued to a piece of wood. After 6 weeks it looks stunning in your aquarium. Growcap moss, like this Fissidens mini, is submerse grown with Growcap nutrition and of excellent quality. Growcap wants you to enjoy a beautiful aquarium without to much hassle. Our All in one nutrition in capsules are easy to use and last for months with just one dose.