With blisters the customer will choose and pick his own plants: attractive, easy and fast!

SonGrow presents: Premium Blisters! Easy, attractive and of course super quality!

Nothing is easier than for the customer to pick his own plant and pay.

You can hang up the blisters on our display or present them on the shelve.

With the correct lighting they will shine at you!


9 advantages of our Aquaplant premium assortment:

  1. Help yourself: super easy!
  2. Individually packed: also nice as a present.
  3. Stimulates impulse purchases.
  4. The fish clearly states that it is an aquarium plant.
  5. A clearer packing does not exist.
  6. Plus, the light can reach the plant from all angles.
  7. It is a solid, well rooted aquarium plant.
  8. It has a good shelve life, especially with plenty of light and with not too high temperatures.
  9. It is competitively prices: One price for all species.

Choice from 21 species, that grow slower in the blister than under water!

Start with the mixture 5422 P1 Selection Songrow. We will choose the most beautiful plants for you! 


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A few examples: