Unique way of work

First of all a few words about our facilities.

On 15.000 m² high-tech greenhouse surface SonGrow can cultivate all kinds of plants.

Songrow also has a modern climate cell (an incubator for difficult cultivars). In addition we have twelve different departures in the green houses, in which we can adjust de climate circumstances relating to the specific needs of the plant. 

Each departure has:

  • „Ebb-and-flood- system“ and a mist-installation
  • Water disinfection by using an UV-installation
  • Double screens, so light can be filtered up to 70%
  • Insect screens
  • Assimilation light
  • Sufficient aeration capacity for hardening plants
  • Underfloor heating
  • Automatic climate control (Priva Integro) 

Here you can take a look a few pictures.

Due to the fact that all circumstances for the plants can be controlled precisely, we can concentrate completely on the plants and on your order. In this connection we put high emphasis on avoiding vermin of diseases.

Many plants are cultivated in a special way. Perhaps you find it interesting to visit our greenhouses and to take a look behind the scenes? Get in touch with us and make an appointment!

Watch this film about our passion for aquatic plants. Here you can see how we cultivate our plants!


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