A 4m long aquarium!


This aquarium is 4 meters long! It can be found in a hairstudio. On the picture you can see how it looked before. 

This wonderful aquarium was a real challenge for the new owners of hair studio Ariana in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. First there were only a few plants and beautiful fish. With more plants we transformed the aquarium into a real underwater landscape. Now not only the fish enjoy the aquarium, also the clients that come to the hairsalon enjoy the relaxing shere that come from this aquarium.

With an aquarium at home you can enjoy this spere every day. Watching the fish is very relaxing for your eyes. After a long day at work you can easily calm down. Try it! 



This is the same aquarium after our plants were put inside. You can see what a beautiful underwater landscape you can build with beautiful plants and a bit of creativity. On our website you can get inspired and make up new ideas to decorate your aquarium.

Take a look at this side from the Aquatic Event