Mos pads: the easy way to fixate your moss a little bit

Mosses are very nice plants that you can sell in many ways.
At this moment we offer them at 4 different ways, with different supports to use them in your aquarium:

1. As an Epaqvitrolplant: the upmost certainty that you have the specific species that you want to have: nr. 5298
2. As an beautymoss in 125 ml cup: a nice moss, grown in a glasshouse or in nature that is always beautiful although not always super-1-specie: nr. 5103
3. As a mossball: chladophlora: from very small, no. 5068 via medium 5010 to a bit bigger: 5067
4. sticked on a coconutt bridge: nr  5046

And still we believe that you will have a demand for a new support to fixate the mosses on!

The coconut-pad:

Why using this?

It is a very nice base, made of coconut fibre that is clean, natural and just a little bit heavy.
Moreover it has a nice contrast with the green color of the mosses.

We have made them in two different sizes:

- Square, 9*9 cm: just a good surface to make a nice spot for shrimps etc.: nr.  5501: vesicularia
- Small and long 3*18 cm: perfect to use at the vertical windows or at the edge of the aquarium!


Available in:
  5553 Anchor moss
  5552 Christmas moss
  5551 Vesicularia moss
  5554 Weeping moss

Moos Coco pads Java moss Vesicularia 9x9 cm     Deco 5     5501

  • Special (Order / 5)
  • Special (Order / 5)

Moos Coco pads Java moss Vesicularia 18x3 cm     Deco 5     5551

  • Special (Order / 5)
  • Special (Order / 5)

Coconut Super Wide Bridge with moss     Deco 4     5046

  • Special (Order / 4)
  • Special (Order / 4)