Epaqvitro: Special plants, that look amazing!

Beautiful moss and special aquatic plants.
You want to show and offer these plants to your customers.

You can make magnificent creations, combining Epaqvitro with wood or stone and enough light.
Epaqvitro is very easy in use and it consists of many small plants! One cup corresponds to three 5cm pots!

The presentation.
Songrow designed an attractive display to show 12 Epaqvitro cups. If you order 12 Epaqvitro cups you receive this display box for free. But you can also order 3 cups. It looks amazing on your counter and all plants will receive the attention of your customers.

If they see it, they buy it!
We have chosen for this selection of plants, because invitro technology gives them the best opportunity to grow. This technology creates very strong plants. As long as the cups remains undamaged and the lid stays closed, the plants can be kept at least two weeks. It is important, that you give enough light to the plants and a temperature between 15°C and 20°C. If you keep the plants at a higher temperature, they will grow very fast.


The assortment.
Our Epaqvitro-assortment consists of more than 25 different kinds of plants, including 9 different kinds of moss. We constantly expand our product range.

Each cup gets a label. On the label you can read important information. Most plants are easy to maintain (green arrow), but some plants need more attention, a lot of light and CO₂ (orange/red arrow).

Aquascapers came up with this product, but Epaqvitro is available for everybody. This way you can create breathtaking underwater landscapes (aquascapes) at home.

We would enjoy receiving a photo of an amazing underwater-landscape of your customers’ aquarium for our Facebook page. Take a closer look at the plants in our web shop and get inspired.

If you choose one of the following products, we will choose a variety of our best Epaqvitro cups for you.

  • 5298 moss in a cup (Epaqvitro) - our selection
  • 5299 cups (Epaqvitro) - our selection (moss and plants)                                                        

The usage.
Plants out of the Epaqvitro assortment are 100% free of snails and algae. They will keep growing immediately without loosing any leaves. Epaqvitro plants are very suitable for Nano aquaria.

Our advice is to use atweezers while working with Epaqvitro plants, but you can also use your fingers. 

  • First you open an Epaqvitro cup and wash of the remaining agar/gel, by rinsing it thoroughly under water.
  • Read the label to find out where the optimal spot is for the plant in the aquarium:
    • Moss can be fixed on a decorative element ( such as wood, stone etc.) with a net, wire or special glue.
    • Floating plants can be placed on the water.
    • Rosette plants, such as Sagittaria and Echinodorus can be split.
    • Stem plants can be cut.
    • For plants such as Sagittaria and Echinodorus you can use your fingers or tweezers.
  • With the top of your pincette you make a small hole in the ground, grab the plant, put it in place, vibrate a little with your hand and leave the plant at its spot. The vibration helps the plant to let go.
  • If you want to make a line or a field, we advise you to leave a space of about 2 cm between the plants.
  • Don’t be afraid of damaging the roots! New roots will appear very soon!
  • After a few months you will be amazed how many plants came out of the Epaqvitro cup. You become the witness of a real transformation!

Good luck with it and last but not least: Have fun!

A few examples of Epaqvitro plants!

.Selection Epaqvitro our selection (mosses and plants)     Epaqvitro 100 ml cup 6     5299

  • Cup (Order / 6)

.Selection mosses Epaqvitro our selection     Epaqvitro 100 ml cup 6     5298

  • Cup (Order / 6)

Eleocharis sp. mini     Epaqvitro 100 ml cup     5214

  • Cup (Order / 3)