This year we participate in…

We mainly support the foundation Niños Peru. We do this every year and we intensively follow the developments in Peru.

We find it really cool that Jolanda started exactly at the same time as we and she had to work hard to establish her life and then she realised together with us that FUN is the most important thing in life!

But Peru is a long way away and the people there are unknown of course. A lot of fun things are also happening in Maasdijk or the Westland and sometimes we like to offer a helping hand. Sometimes because we take part in the sport ourselves, such as the running race in Maasdijk, but sometimes because one of our employees is involved in the sport or activity. And often of course a aquascape competition or exhibition.

In the past year we have contributed to: 

  1. VTM 10 KM run in Maasdijk see VTM-loop 
  2. KDO-gymnastic  gymnastics and dance KDO
  3. Handball club Quintus in Maassluis, lovely Christmas cakes   
  4. Robin Otto      
  5. Mirte Huisman with dance4life
  6. Jasper Maartense with Malawi
  7. Hortus botanicus in Leiden

And there is also our own sporting activity. Tang Soo Do vereniging KiKong! What we like to say about this is: do you live in the Westland and would you like to do some exercise? Come and have a look at this Dojang. Why is it so much fun? All I can say is that I regret it every Friday when I have to say good bye. Even after 4 hours of training on a Friday night after a long and busy work week!