Special Bucephalandra!

Bucephalandras are very special and rare plants.

This is your chance to offer them to your customers!
Bucephalandra grow very slowly. This makes them very easy to take care of, because it doesn't need alot of maintainance in your aquarium. They look very beautiful in a nano aquarium and any detailed aquascaping landscape.

We found a different way to grow those fragile plants!

From now on we grow the Bucephalandra on nutshells. This way, adding decorative Bucephalandra to your aquascape has become so much easier.
And there are more advantages for you!

Not only does it look very decorative, but you will also see that we use no rockwool! That means, that you don't have to remove any rockwool from these sensitive plants. Just drop them in your aquarium. Then they will continu to grow.
Nutshells are a natural product and they release no substances into the water. 
Another advantage is, that the nutshell will sink to the ground immediately. That will save you alot of time, because you don't need to attach the Bucephalandra to an object in your aquarium.

Let's go nut! And take a look at the video below!