Ceratophyllum very beautiful now!

Starting 15 June we will offer Ceratophyllum (B2610) from Holland. Very strong, healthy and super fresh!

In the picture you can see how the plants were collected outside on a warm summer day!

At the moment the plants acclimated in our greenhouse. We will start selling these fantastic Ceratophyllum from week 25 in full bunches.

Add Ceratophyllum to your aquarium or pond to help the ecological balance in the water. Ceratophyllum is one of the best plants to add oxygen to the water.

Ceratophyllum (B2610) is a beautiful floating plant that does really well in a cold-water aquarium.
The plant spreads lightly through the water and is very edible. It is very decorative for a lovely bowl of water.
Certaophyllum does require a lot of light, but do not place it in the sun. It produces a lot of oxygen.

Your fish will be very happy with this plant. 

Buy Ceratophyllum now, because it is so beautiful at the moment!

Ceratophyllum sp.     Bunch import     B2610

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