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For large-scale consumer!

This is not a small product! Here you can see the breeding lakes in Florida. In comparison to these lakes, what we call bluk seems to be small, but nevertheless:

Here we sell living, fresh fish food for large-scale consumer, such as shops, whole sale and breeders etc.

All other customers we advise smaller packages. 


Living Food: The best a fish can get!

Fish love it. They enjoy playing with it and it is also fun to watch!

Quality is our starting point!

For our insects we found the best breeder in Europe!

Prey in blisterpackaging: Handy and hygienic!

Prey is food for pets and not everybody likes touch them or see them in the freezer. That is why we packed them individually: Well protected and almost invisible. Perfect for in your freezer. They are easy to serve and you don't have to touch them.

But don't forget to defrost the prey before you serve it!

Our frozen prooi comes from guaranteed pathogen-free breeding; anaesthetized flash frozen.

Black Foil Line - hygienic and clear!

From breeding to packaging: Complete chain control of our frozen pet food!

Easy-Life: The brand we recommend!

SonGrow has to install an aquarium every now and then, for example for an exhebition. That is fun to do and we talk about it with professional aquascapers. And they are all very excited about the products from Easy-Life! 

AlgExit is the show-piece of the Easy-Life series. It helps fighting against green algae!

Without comparison!

Blister - frozen fish food

Real Food, even frozen, is very important for the vitality and the health of your fish. For some fish it is even necessary! Without hunt – no copulation!
Epaqfood is premium frozen food for fish!

In need of large amounts of frozen food?

Are you in need of alot of frozen fish food? Then we recommend slices!

With Epaqfood the quality of a large quantity or a small quantity stays the same.

The advantage of a slice lies within the price-per-gram-proportion!

Biological Control

Why and how does it work?

Our Greenhouse and Facilities

Pictures and recent developments.