The new deco-trend: Pondplants in terracotta-pots!

You are the expert when it comes to pondplants! Show that and show the latest deco-trend:

Pondplants in terracotta-pots! Simply beautiful on the terrace!

Because people without a pond, also want to enjoy nature on their terrace!

Plants in terracotta-pot:

  • Canna red
  • Cyperus percamenthus
  • Equisetum japonica
  • Thalia
  • Juncus spiralis
  • Colocasia

Tip: Combine different plants in terracotta-pots in a group on the terrace or balcony!

Practical information: We can put ten terracotta-pots on one layer of the trolley. Only 2 layers of terracotta-pots fit on a trolley, because the plants are very high. In other words, the maximum terracotta-pots per trolley are 20. That's why we advice to order these plants on a secound trolley. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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No time to choose all the plants by yourself?
Go for our pondplant-assortments on a trolley

Cyperus percamenthus     Terracotta pot 24 cm     V30050

  • per 2 (Order / 2)

Equisetum japonica - Horsetail rush     Terracotta pot 24 cm     V30055

  • per 2 (Order / 2)

Thalia     Terracotta pot 24 cm     V30065

  • per 2 (Order / 2)