New! 9 pond plant assortments on a trolley

400 pond plants..... what to choose?

Just pick one of our 9 standard assortments, collected by us and presented on a beautiful selling DC with top label!
The best mix between standard plants and the newest trends!

Especially the terracotta pots are so lovely!

Please contact us at to order pond plants!

From now on, nothing can stop your pond season!

Our pond plant assortments

Here you can see an overview of our 9 pond plant assortments. 

Click here to see a more detailed list.  You can also use the list to send us your order.


V01 2020 Standard assortment  (588 plants in P9-pots)

V02 2020 Water lilies, oxygen plants and P11 pond plants (360 plants in P11-cups)

V03 2020 P18-Mix (126 plants is P18-pots)

V04 2020 Mix P11 water lilies and oxygen plants, P9 and P18  (Great mix)

V05 2020 Floating plants (Only floating plants of differens sizes)

V06 2020 Floating & terrace (Assortment with i.a. terrace ponds en planted floating rings)

V07 2020 Terrace and more!  (Assortment with i.a. floating plants and terrace ponds)

V08 2020 Terracotta (Very large assortment with i.a. water lilies and terracotta pots)

V09 2020 Theme Sixpack  (assortment with i.a. theme sixpacks and terracotta pots)


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Nymphaea Gladstoniana - Water-lily     Basket (11*11) with stitch label     V11750

  • per 6 (Order / 6)

Aponogeton distachyos - Water hawthorn     Basket (11*11) with stitch label     V10930

  • per 6 (Order / 6)

Nymphaea Marliacea Chormat. - Water-lily     Basket (11*11) with stitch label     V11900

  • per 6 (Order / 6)