Beautiful Iris, oxygen- and floating plants!

You are the expert when it comes to pondplants! Show that with a wide range of different pondplants!

Everyone loves colorful plants around the pond! That's why our Iris are essential in your shop!

These Iris are our favourites:

  • Iris kaempferi
  • Iris laevigata Rose Queen
  • Iris pseudacorus
  • Iris versicolor

Tip: Combine different Iris for a fascinating color effect!

But also oxygen- and floating plants are very populair at the moment.

Take a look at our wide range of modern decoration and beautiful pondplants. 

No time to choose all the plants by yourself?
Go for our pondplant-assortments on a trolley! This week we recommend Terrace (V03): A wide range of waterlilies, oxygen- and floating plants for the beginning of the season!

Iris kaempferi - Water iris     Basket, ready to use, 18 cm     V12725

  • per 3 (Order / 3)

Iris laevigata Rose Queen - Water iris     Basket, ready to use, 18 cm     V13290

  • per 3 (Order / 3)

Iris pseudacorus - Yellow flag     Basket, ready to use, 18 cm     V12730

  • per 3 (Order / 3)