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Hardscapes - Decorative elements

Decorative elements made from wood, ceramics and other material.

Stonewood - a decoration element

We now offer StoneWood.

StoneWood is a decoration element made from ceramics. It can be beautifully integrated in an underwater landscape.

Unique Products

Would you like to know more about our unique pieces? 

A 4m long aquarium!

This wonderful aquarium was a real challenge for the new owners of hair studio Ariana in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands.

Overview of all pages

Read more about our principles.

With blisters the customer will choose and pick his own plants: attractive, easy and fast!

Nothing is easier that for the customer to pick his own plant and pay.

You can hang up the blisters or present them on the shelve.

With the correct lighting they will shine at you!

Epaqso 3.0 – The Selling System

An appealing way to present your aquatic plants to your customers.
No expensive investment but an attractive presentation.

SonGrow - Our Story

The development of SonGrow

Epaqvitro: Special plants, that look amazing!

Beautiful moss and special aquatic plants! You want to show and offer these plants to your customers.

You can make magnificent creations, combining Epaqvitro with wood or stone and enough light.

Epaqmat – The green carpet

Play with plants!

In a wink of an eye a complete soccer field. A green aquarium.
Epaqmat is thin, flexible and you can use it everywhere in your aquarium. Horizontal, vertical, on wood, stone etc. You can even cut the mat in pieces.

With the suction cups you can even fix the Epaqmat at the walls of your aquarium!