Expanded assortment of frozen fish food

Real food, even frozen, is very important for the vitality and the health of your fish. For some fish it is even necessary! Without hunt – no copulation!

How to serve frozen food?

  1. Defreeze a portion, before putting the food in the water.
  2. Don’t put more food in the aquarium then the fish can eat in 3 minutes. Frozen food is dead and uneaten food  gives pollution.

Why choosing Epaqfood?

  1. Premium quality 
    • All ingredients were chosen carefully, were tested and flash frozen.
  2. Large assortment
    • Standard products, but also plankton and all kinds of mixes. For each fish the right food!
  3. Packaging
    • small porties (30 blisters). Hygenic and simple.

More information you can read the packaging, e.g. if the food is for fresh- or salt water fish. 
The blister is round. This doesn't seem important, but with sharp edges you might cut yourself.

Now available at Songrow!

These three kinds of frozen fish food expand our large range:

  • 0120D Golden Shrimps
  • 0144D Shrimp Care Set
  • 0137D Squid Meat


GOLDEN SHRIMPS BLISTER 70 g     Frozen fish food blister     0120D

  • Feed (Order / 6)

Shrimp Care Set BLISTER 100 g     Frozen fish food blister     0144D

  • Feed (Order / 6)

SQUID MEAT BLISTER 100 g     Frozen fish food blister     0137D

  • Feed (Order / 6)