Discover our new product, the EPAQMAT XXL, the beautiful plant carpet

Did you see the video about our new stunning product?

Acquasaur, the Italien aquascaper and youtuber made a beautiful video about our unique plant carpet, the Epaqmat XXL. 

The Epaqmat XXL is a huge plant carpet, 60cm x 40cm, easy and ready to use, the result is WOW immediately. 


After his video, we got immediately many requests from Italien aquarium hobbyist people who want to buy this product.

And here is the idea: we bring new customers to you!

When we get a reaction from somebody in your neighbourhood, we will ask him to contact you. When you order this Epaqmat from us, this will be a very good opportunity to see our products and to do our first business together!

What do you think? 

Please contact us so we can cooperate, and bring more customers in your shop!