Pet food at SonGrow! Why?

It is important for fish and reptiles to live in a natural habitat.

An environment with hiding spots, space to take a sunbath, to mate, lay eggs, swim and climb. You can help create this environment with the right plants, such as:

  • Floating plants that create hiding places.
  • Epaqmat: Shrimps love it!
  • Moss: The perfect spot to lay eggs.
  • Eleodea or Ceratopteris that can be eaten by fish. 

By using these plants you can create a safe, comfortable and pleasant environment.

All fish can enjoy the environment that you created with passion! 

Good and diversified pet food is also very important. Dry food is ok. It includes all essential compounds, but it’s not exciting. Living pet food delivers this extra challenge. All fish enjoy hunting after there prey. Try it! You will see their joy. 

And they will turn into even more beautiful fish. Guppies for example will grow out to beautiful fishes with bright colours once they get the chance to hunt every now and then!

Offering Epaqfood is ideal.

Unfortunately it is also difficult. There are so many small living organisms in a small bag filled with water. That’s why the speed of delivery is essential!

SonGrow thought about this and found a way to deliver living pet food quickly to your store.
Super fresh and super fun! 

Because of its short storage life, living pet food is not the best choice at all circumstances. Frozen pet food is the perfect alternative. It includes all important essential compounds, is similar to living pet food, moves through the water, but is much more secure.  

The blister packaging offers hygiene and can be presented nicely in the store!

Living and frozen pet food needs a good logistic organisation. As a consequence we found it interesting to also offer bigger living food, such as insects and worms for reptiles and birds. 

This is not our specific target group, but the same things are important: 

  • The distributor has to be good and reliable.
  • The presentation has to be nice and clear.
  • The packaging has to be pleasant for the living pet food and has to enable a long life.
  • The time of delivery between the distributor and the shop has to be very short.

SonGrow found the perfect distributor. We designed an attractive packaging. This packaging makes it easy to feed your pets.

Take a look at our web shop and all different kinds of product. Try it! 

You will see that you will have fun with it!

Our webshop!

Rotifer (Brachionus plicatilis) - 90 ml     Live fish food bag     10019

  • Feed (Order / 5)

ISLAND SHRIMPS MEAT - 100g     Frozen fish food blister     7114D

  • Feed (Order / 6)