Fantastic Echinodorus Mix

This Selection of Echinodorus (R899) consists of 30 pots.

We now offer this mix for 45 €.

That is 1,50€ for each Echinodorus plant! That is a geat deal!

We will make our own selction of the most beautiful Echinodorus you can find in our greenhouse. 

Our Echinodorus are large and powerful. That's because we took great care of them in the summer.

The result is a beautiful and bright green Echinodorus, that is very compact and has very healthy roots!

Now available at Songrow! A fantastic eye-catcher for every aquarium.

Get 30 Echinodorus (R899) for 45 €, that is 1,50€ for each plant. 

Order this mix ( R899) for now just 45€!

.Selection Echinodorus luxury Rake - 30 pots - T     Mix on Rake     R899 TOTAL

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