Growcap: the journey from excellent idea to perfect presentation!

In an aquarium, the one thing that really matters is the biological balance:

You can achieve this with:

  • sufficient plants, such as the Epaqmat
  • beautiful fish
  • food, that you can find in the shop, sold with good advice. But it is a lot of choice. More than 7 meters of pots and bottles in your store, isn't it?

We, at Songrow think that this is a little bit complicated and confusing.

Of course you need the plants and the fish, but besides that the only thing that you really need for your balance are BACTERIA!
(all-right, I would neither skip a few elements that cause the color of the plants nor the CO2 and the right amount of light)

balance     a balance.... that means PLANTS, PLANTS, PLANTS ..........  epaqmat 3 maten      HUNREDS of them on a very small surface!

For years we had this Growcap product, full of bacteria and elements. It is perfect, but how will you introduce it in the shops?

It took a while before we had figured this out, but starting today we will show it to you and we will tell you all about this perfect product!

The first thing to talk about are the recommendations of our first users!

In a period of 3 years we have tested our capsules at well known Dutch aquaristic shops.
We brought them to the shops, did a lot of tests and talked to the shop-owners

  • Are you enthousiastic about Growcap?
  • How do you explain the use of Growcap to your customers?
  • What can we do to make Growcap visible in the shop? To let it shine?

After all these test and talks we can now say, that we have more than 30 well known shops selling and using our Growcap.
They sell it from the shelves, but also with our display, which you can hang directly above the plants! Or you can place it on the counter, the perfect place for an explanation-talk!

Please take a look at our first ambassadors..... names to be proud of!

So, how do we think that GROWCAP should be introduced?

Not somewhere in the shop in a shelf, between the other packages. Growcap IS A CHANCE TO TALK WITH YOUR CUSTOMER!!! 

It is an all-in-one solution, bacteria that create the perfect circumstances, all by themselves. And the nicest thing is that they do not provide food that is available for the algae!!
They simply adherence it. You can imagine that they keep the nutriciens in a back-pack and only take it out at the moment that they are close to the roots of the plants!

So you use Growcap to create nice plants, healthy fish, algae-control AND very clear water!!
And all of this WITHOUT the risk of an overdose and WITHOUT the risk of disturbing the kh- and ph-level!

Please click on the link and read all about the use of Growcap. It is very easy, but when you sell it, you should take the time to read this!

hoe werkt het

The simple story of bacteria, that convert the leavings of the fish into nutrients and bring it in their backpacks to the plants!

That story must be told! Customers will not see that, when these capsules are on the shelf.

No, Growcap doesn't belong there. It deserves a place of honor.

On the counter or directly on the plant tank.


To understand how Growcap works is simple. The bacteria, which use "backpacks" to GIVE the nutrients TO THE PLANT, are essential. 

Simply look at the volume of your aquarium, buy the right bag of Growcap and put the capsules in your aquarium once every 10 weeks: READY ...

Yet it is nice to read and know a little more about this.

And that is why we have made a flyer on which everything is clearly explained. You can attach this to the display and give it to the customer.

folder                      folder 

You see it: the ideal solution, expressed in a few key words:



When you place an order in February 2020 of:

- 6 bags for 10-100 l

- 6 bags for 100-250 l

- 6 bags for 250-500 l

Then this is for an amount of approximately 120 € and you will receive our display INCLUDING flyers for free!

So, contact us for your first order!

In March 2020 including display!

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