Cabomba aquatica: Get to know the main advantages!

Cabomba aquatica is the best alternative for the forbidden Cabomba caroliniana in winter time.

Although Limnophila sessiliflora is very appealing, the bunches are a too small during the winter. In pots, Limnophila sessiliflora is still the most beautiful alternative.

But we have improved the selection of Cabomba aquatica significantly. 

It is a very exquisite plant that you can recognize on its yellow blossoms and the above-water-leaves (floating leaves). In addition, the Cabomba aquatica has a reddish stem and it is a bit fuller than the Cabomba caroliniana.

Overall, Cabomba aquatica is a bit different from the Cabomba caroliniana, but it has all its benefits. Plus: It is no danger for the environment, because it will certainly die in cold water.

Take a look at the slide-show and see the special features of the Cabomba aquatica in picture!


Cabomba aquatica     Bunch import     B1683

  • Bunches (Order / 10)

Cabomba aquatica     Pot     1683

  • Pot (Order / 6)

Limnophila sessiliflora - ambulia     Pot     270

  • Pot (Order / 6)