Limited Edition: Anubias and Moss on Spiderwood

We only have a small amount in stock of this great product: Anubias and Moss on Spiderwood.

Take your chance and offer your customers something very special.

Anubias and moss on spiderwood looks very decorative and fits perfectly into a natural-looking aquarium. 

This limited object is a playground for fish. They will find a place to hide and to explore. 

What makes this piece of wood so special is, that it is soaked with water. It is heavy and won't float. It is clean.

Each product is unique, but all in all the wood is uniform - all pieces are about the same size (ca. 20cm).

Furthermore, it is stable and doesn’t rot under water.

The color is very nice – dark brown.

This piece of spiderwood looks absolutely amazing, because of the Anubias and the moss on it.

Try it and show your customers that you are an expert and that you offer special products!


Marsh root or spiderwood with moss and anubias     Wood M     1605

  • Special (Order / 1)
  • Special (Order / 1)